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We do trading for you - Enjoy hourly earnings
VIVA is a trading and investment platform that specializes in currencies and fiat assets. We provide an opportunity or both non-traders to earn, thanks to our network of qualified traders who make investments on their behalves.

With the VIVA platform, you have a safe and secure service that will help you hedge against financial uncertainty and grow your wealth. We have a wide array of investment categories for our investors, from low-risk products to high-risk ones that provide much higher returns. Our service provides a trading guarantee to customers, ensuring that they won’t lose money on any front. We also provide an opportunity for traders to trade on their own and learn the ropes as they trade.
Here you can check our latest Trades, Payouts and Investments.
VIVA Trader #2
+$860.384 +3.22%
VIVA Trader #5
+$420.562 +4.79%
VIVA Trader #8
$592.9 -3.85%
VIVA Trader #8
+$310.977 +3.17%
INVESTOR #59 2020-06-06 / 06:15:51
INVESTOR #43431 2020-06-06 / 02:42:09
INVESTOR #22 2020-06-05 / 09:43:02
INVESTOR #59 2020-06-05 / 06:22:32
INVESTOR #129470 2020-06-06 / 00:15:56
INVESTOR #129469 2020-06-06 / 00:02:39
INVESTOR #129467 2020-06-05 / 23:52:41
INVESTOR #129466 2020-06-05 / 23:32:26

Investing Plan
The VIVA platform provides profits on an hourly basis. Our service provides returns on investments in assets such as fiat currencies and much more. We also provide an online platform for traders who would like to continue to learn and make money along the way. Our currency count is set to increase by May 2020, after which users will have a wider field of assets to choose from.

The plan is running for 100 days and you will receive profits from 0.05-0.07% hourly. Percentage fluctuation is based on VIVA company profits from trades placed on various markets.
Earn from 0.05% Hourly
Up to 0.07% Hourly
1.2 - 1.7% Daily Profit from your Investment.
Request your invested capital back with 15% fee
$25 $1000 $2000 $3000 $4000 $5000 $6000 $7000 $8000 $9000 $10000
Minimal daily Profit : 0
Maximal daily Profit: 0
Todays profit: 1.2%
About Us
We work
Trading has become one of the most lucrative means through which people can make money online. The traditional financial space has become more liquid and profitable, and as asset movements improve trough interconnection and advancements in technology, opportunities arise for traders to make even more money and earn from the global stock and money markets.

However, there’s also a sprawling community of people who don’t have technical trading capabilities and who would like to also make money but don’t understand how to navigate the markets. They have the working capital but don’t know where to start from. With the VIVA platform, you have a safe and secure service that will help you hedge against financial uncertainty and grow your wealth. We have a wide array of investment categories for our investors, from low-risk products to high-risk ones that provide much higher returns.
BEST Analytics
Financial analysis is at the core of our profession. In order to provide the best returns and serve our customers, we ensure that our stock and trading analytics are as in-depth and effective as possible.
At VIVA, we take great pleasure in providing the best in investment and financial advisory services to our customers. To that end, we provide effective training to our team members and ensure that everyone is equipped with the information, skills, and tools to ensure the right results on every investment.
Profits and customer satisfaction are at the top of our priority list. To help achieve this, we provide a wide array of profitable plans that will help ensure significant returns. Regardless of what your capital is, you can rest assured that you won’t be able to get better returns than with VIVA.
Referral Commission
We provide our clients to earn money by using our unique referral system.
1 Referral Level5%
2 Referral Level3%
3 Referral Level1%
Our referral system can be broken down into three levels. At the first level you get 5%, then 3% and 1% at the lowest level.
3 level Referral Commission
5% 3% 1%
Road Map
VIVA are always moving further. We do not stop until we reach our goal and after that, we set a new one.

Here are few of our goals - both completed and those which are still in progress.
2020 Feb 20
Launching VIVA Currency Trading Platform
2020 Apr 30
Adding more payment options for plan purchases
In process
2020 May 20
Announcing additional upgrades to a Currency Trading Platform
2020 June 10
Announcing our APP for iOS and Android mobile Devices
2020 June 25
Announcing v2 of VIVA platform
Cold Wallets
For user confidence we have listed our backup funds down here which guarantees that all profits will be paid in full

16id4ATvjRVT7B4AAAfu575BnpWdNLyTKg Cold Wallet #1
15LeGP71JENtJ34JnnwbbR7fGZ3P56fmr2 Cold Wallet #1
MPFWaza3hYE1JasWXBTcsNQedBAghU53p1 Cold Wallet #1
Last News
15:00 AM
Company is going live and everyone can start enjoying great benefits of our platform
14:00 AM
Everyone who is not professional or dont have a time to do currency trading on their own, can now use our online platform to earn money hourly, we have bunch of professionals doing this for you
Introducing VIVA
Trading Platform
VIVA have been working on launching their modern online trading platform. It is set to launch at the end of May 2020.
Safe & Secure Transactions
Encrypted and Kept Private
Multiple Payment Gateway
KYC Verification